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Aliyar Dam

Published Dec. 16, 2020, 8:31 p.m.
  • Aliyar Dam  is a wonderful location surrounded by Annamalai Hills having wonderful natural views.It is located in between Pollachi and Valpari.
  • It takes 64 kms from Coimbatore ,24 kms from Pollachi & 545 Kms from Chennai To aliyar.
  • It is above 918 feet that is almost 280 m from Mean Sea level of Anamalai mountain range and also Anamalai Tiger Reserve.
  •  Entry ticket amount for adults Rs.30/- and for kids Rs.10/-
  • Its mainly constructed for irrigation purpose.
  • Dam also contains parks for childrens and kids,a aquarium and a boat house.
  • Aliyar Dam is one of the Shooting Spot because it is surrounded by mountains covered by mist and slopes with silent reservoir.


  •     Aliyar Dam which is 81 meters high, was built built on 1959 and 1969 mainly this     dam is Constructed  for Irrigation Purpose.
  •     This water from is released through the canals - Vettaikaranpudhur Canal.
  •     In the year 2002, a project was commissioned to generate hydroelectric power.
  •     This project is a series of dams interconneted by tunnels and canals.
  •     These interconnected waters for Upper Nirar Dam,Lower Nirar Dam,Sholayar     Dam,Parambikulam Dam,Thunukadavu Dam,Peruvaripallam Dam and Aliyar     rivers,which flow at a range of elevations,     for irrigation and power generation.
  •    For Aliyar Lake receives water from the Upper Aliyar Reservoir Through     hydroelectric power station in  Navamalai,Upper Aliyar and the Parambikulam

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