Mycbe Kavithaigal

Babbling Brooks Characters

Published July 29, 2020, 10:50 p.m.

1.A blabbling brook guy easily attach with a stranger like a soul mate instinctly.

2.Forever appear with grin on their face.

3.The presence of a blabby guy enriches other hearts with happiness and spirit.

4."Blabber survives ever" proverb correlates him.

5.Fearless stage performer.

6.Convey like guileless fellow.

7.Transparent revealer of confidential information.

8.Effective walker in life.

9.Regarding lone travel in social media blabber prefer to have personal neighbour conversation or telephone call.

10.Fond of having endless journey with their friends.

11.Social media depicts the realistic life of blabber.

12.Instinct workhorse in life.

13.Love his presence in absence of a fellowship.

14.Mostly fellowmates liker and retain their pics even in Google photos.

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